You Have Found Your Dream Home.Then After Many Months of Negotiations You Lose Your Buyer, What Can You Do?


broken-chain-1018103-mMost people are dependent on a chain of other buyers and sellers, the longer the chain the higher the risk of it breaking, it only takes one sale, or link, to fall through and the whole chain is broken. If it does break at the very least you will lose your dream home, at worst it could put in jeopardy a relocation and new job.

The only way to move things forward is to find a new buyer fast! In this situation you can’t really rely on an estate agent, even if they find someone quickly they will need to get a mortgage and your sale will be held up with red tape. It can take many months for a conventional sale to go through, by which time you will have lost your dream house and possibly your whole relocation package.

If you find yourself with a broken chain you have three choices:

  1. Lose your dream home.
  2. Take out a bridging loan, which can be extremely expensive.
  3. Find a cash buyer who can move quickly.

We can buy your home for cash, we can make you an offer within 48 hours with just one viewing, and we guarantee to complete within 28 days. A chain will hold for 28 days when they know you have a cash buyer.