When You Bought Your House You Thought it Was an Asset – Now it is a Millstone That’s Stopping You From Moving on With Your Life


Divorce wordsDivorce is stressful enough without having to quickly find a buyer for your house!  As well as dealing with your raw emotions, you may have children who will need support to adjust . You need to divide up your possessions and find somewhere new to live.  On top of this you will need to meet with your solicitors

If you sell your home on the open market it could take months to find a buyer and even longer to complete the sale.  Until the sale completes you are both still responsible for the mortgage payments.  You may also have to pay for additional accommodation if you are unable to live under the same roof.  Your house is now a liability, it is draining your cash and preventing you from moving on with your life both emotionally and financially.

We can buy your property for cash, giving you an offer within 48 hours with just one viewing. We can complete in 28 days, setting you free to move on and rebuild your life.  As you are dealing with us directly you save on estate agents fees and we pay the survey costs.

Even if you have little or no equity left in your house we can still help you move on with your life quickly.