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We are Property Investors offering Property Management and Assistance with Privately Selling or Renting your Property 


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HMO Management

Candle Property Solutions Ltd is here to solve your property problems. 

We are Experienced Accredited Landlords and members of the National Landlord Association 

Membership number 4757

We can assist you with various ideas on property and tenant enhancement or you can simply ask us to fully manage the property on your behalf under a Management or Guaranteed Rent agreement.


Advantages of renting to us directly

 If you’re fed up dealing with bad tenants, constant repairs or large renovation bills, or perhaps have the headache of cash flow problems, we offer a painless solution AND Guaranteed Rent.If your rental property has become a headache, we’ll handle everything so you don’t have to! And our guaranteed rental income covers your mortgage payments AND extra income.  We will require the property  on a long term let

  • We only rent to young professionals in full time employment
  • We have a weekly cleaner
  • We are happy to take care of small repairs and  maintenance issues
  • No more tenant finding fees
  • You will have no more rental voids
  • No more late payments or missed payments
  • No more management problems, chasing rents
  • We pay all utilities from our own bank account
  • No more having to deal with problem tenants
  • No more calls in the middle of the night to change a light bulb!

If needed we will give your property a light refurbishment

  • We will liaise with you to organise larger maintenance issues
  • We take care of deposits & registrations
  • We have our own gardener
  • We carry out our own regular inspections
  • No more letting fees ever!
  • Fully managed by our experienced team
  • We will take all the hassle and stress away TODAY!

 In return· We would like an agreed fixed monthly rent· We would like a month (or part) rent free while we carry out the refurbishment (If Necessary)! We would like to work with you in upgrading some furniture. We would like to work with you to improve safety features in the property. We would perhaps like an option to buy your property in the future.Less voids and less maintenance means more rental income for you  


What is Viewber ?

Do You Invest Nationally in the UK? How would you like to view properties from your armchair?

 Whether you are viewing a commercial or residential property,  VIEWBER offers a UK-wide network of local trustworthy and quality-rated ‘Viewbers’ to undertake viewings, Investment reports, inventories and photography 7 days a week at the click of a button. Viewber’s service ensures no opportunity to sell and let a property are missed. Their low-cost fixed fee service with no commitment starts from £30. 

Click on Viewber above to access VIEWBER directly to register and find out more about this unique service.  


Are you facing repossession?


          You Lose More Than Your Home When You Get Repossessed!

In the present economic climate repossessions are a hard fact of life!

When you get repossessed your name is put on the “Possessions Register” which will make it difficult if not impossible to get loans or another mortgage in the future.

You will have to move out of your home (it could be possible to sell your house to us and then rent it back) away from friends, family and familiar surroundings.

Selling now to a buyer who can move fast can stop a repossession no matter what stage it has reached.

                                                  The Court Process

1.  A summons for possession will be issued, this gives the date and time when the case will be heard by the court.

2. A court hearing, although courts don’t always issue a possession order, it is likely they will unless you can show you will be able to pay off the debt, this usually give you 2 months to move out.

3. A bailiffs warrant is issued, this allows a court bailiff to remove you, by force if necessary from your home 14 days after the warrant is issued. At this stage only full payment of all the mortgage arrears and sometimes the whole of the mortgage loan will stop the process.

We can help stop repossessions at any stage. When you agree to sell to a cash buyer, like us, you can get a stay of repossession from the court. We could even come with you to court and prove a sale has been agreed. We could then complete in 28 days allowing you to get on with your life in peace. We can stop you getting repossessed, even on the day you are due to be repossessed, even if you don’t have any equity in your property.

                  Don’t wait, end your sleepless nights, contact us today! 

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We appreciate the difficulties you might be facing at this time and can assure you of our utmost understanding, confidentiality  and sensitivity when discussing the situation. Do talk to us to find out more


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